Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break

It's finally warm and the sun is shining, and for that reason, this girl needs a little break to go outside. It's been a long winter and Ryker, Molli, and I have been stuck in the house for way too long.

Ryker now crawls under his exersaucer and Molli has decided to sit on the coffee table and look outside. Call it cabin fever, call it grandma lost control, call it whatever you want, but I need to step away from the computer for awhile and have some fun!

That's why I'm going to take a blogging break and enjoy the times I spend with my family and friends. I'll be back and I hope you will, too.


LA Paylor said...

y'all have gone Spring crazy! Have fun Terri!
LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Jan Lipi said...

Giggle ... thanks for the laughs and great pictures! Enjoy that quality time while you can!

Unknown said...

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